About our agency

We are about helping businesses and organizations see the world of marketing as an investment in the potential and future of their work.

About the name 'LAGRAVE'

Years ago, I took a few good friends on a snowboarding & skiing trip to a camp in the French Alps. On one miserable day, when the weather was warm and raining, we decided to leave the skis and boards at home and drive through the small no name villages of the region. Stopping in a small town for lunch we noticed that this obscure place seemed to be a hub for extreme athletes coming to the area to get better at their craft (i.e. skiing, snowboarding, climbing, base jumping, you name it… these guys did it). Looking over at me, one of my close friends said to me…

The town we were in was ‘La Grave’, a famous epicenter for people who want to go beyond what they think is possible. That is my dream for you. The world of digital seems expensive and pointless. I’m here to say it isn’t either, at least, it doesn’t have to be. Online, you set your dreams and your desires. Like everything in life, what you put into it is what you will get out of it. We are simply here to help you make sure that what you are putting in gets noticed, and in certain cases, to help direct you back onto the right path.

Thank you for taking an interest in LaGrave, it is my hope that we can help you go beyond what you thought was possible for your business, brand, organization or project.


We believe in conducting business up front with honesty and respect for our employees, contractors, clients and partners. We value every person and seek to provide a place of excellence in all we do.


Through countless hours of research and experience we seek to deliver our clients with the highest quality experience in and through all our projects.


We look to be up front with how we work - creating a place where miscommunication is stated and looked at ahead of time. We believe accurate expectations are at the core of every project.

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