Helping you build a brand that resonates and connects with your target market and customers.


Brand Philosphy

A brand is more than just your logo, your colors and your design. Brand is the face and personality, voice and message, purpose and clarity of your organization. Why your brand connects with a customer over another brand is the overall goal of brand discovery.

Discovery & Design

Designing a logo is about making sure your brand and image match your audience, personality and purpose. We try to simplify the process by getting to know you and your business better. We offer a simply logo discovery system that helps us know where to start.


Branding or Re-Brand Process

The majority of our branding projects involve market research or brand research to gain deep customer insight. This ensures that client recommendations and plans are fact-based, grounded in customer needs and marketplace realities.

Your Customers Needs

How do customers use products and brands today? What brands do they enjoy, connect with and how loyal are they to those brands?

Your Brand

What benefits do they seek and how satisfied are they with your brand? What are your current customers saying about your brand? What are customers NOT saying about your brand?

Brand Equity

What is the strength of the brand in terms of brand associations, brand imagery and brand equity? Which brand strategy concepts (such as brand positioning, brand names, brand identity elements) are the strongest performing?

Brand Opportunity

What are most relevant, differentiated and credible opportunities for the brand to adopt? Does the brand have latitude to extend into new markets and new products? Which are the most compelling brand extension opportunities?


  1. Value Proposition & Story

    We will begin developing your unique value proposition and story centered around your target market research findings.

  2. Brand Logo, Mark, Fonts and Colors

    Our designers will get to work bringing the brand imagery to life. We do this by creating logo concepts, marks, icons, colors and fonts.

  3. Brand Guide & Assets

    • Now that you have your brand identity, message and value it's time to update all your brand assets. We will create a brand guide to help aid the consistency and clarity of this brand or rebrand project.

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