Support Packages

Looking for some support with a Wordpress website, hosting, site security or just someone to call for help with your website?


Here for you.

Website management can be complicated. Keeping up to date information, content, images, security and to optimize for speed aren't always the easiest for every business internally to focus on.


Wordpress Support Packages

LAGRAVE specializes in working with professional Wordpress websites. We've found that after spending the investment to build the sites, many businesses simply can't maintain and keep them running smoothly - leading to costly fixes in the future.

WP Engine Hosting

Wordpress, although incredibly flexible and popular, can be very slow when put on basic hosting plans through GoDaddy, Bluehost or others. WP Engine provides our team to maximize your website speed and performance.

Increased Security

As soon as we begin moving your website to our system, we will begin cleaning out any corrupted code your site could encounter. We immediately create a backup of the cleaned site and install professional security plugins to block out any unwanted traffic.

Theme & Wordpress Updates

Wordpress works seperately from your designed theme, plugins and added content builders. Our developers make sure these updates are handled at the appropriate time and without changing your websites front end.

Website Support Requests

In addition to taking care of your website, we allow you the option of up to 5, 5-10, 10-20 and unlimited update packages. We do not create content or provide images.

Contact Us

We prefer to get to know your goals and what you've been doing lately - from there we will help craft a strategy and plan with you.