San Juan Kayak Expeditions

Leading kayak expeditions in the Puget Sound of the Pacific Northwest for more than 25 years. San Juan Kayak Expeditions provides those looking for an adventure a unique experience unlike any other. We helped SJK increase booking inquiries throughout the summer season using Facebook Campaigns and Guided Tour Offers.


  • code Strategy

    Increasing Direct Booking Inquiries

    We created a campaign that could increase direct booking inquiries for guided kayak tours on San Juan Island. San Juan Kayak Expeditions has a rich history of providing high quality tours throughout the Puget Sound and we leveraged Facebook Traffic Campaigns to reach their target audience.

    We decided to leverage Facebook Ads along with unique offers throughout the summer to capture as much inbound interest leverage social media.

  • filter_none Landing Page

    Creating The Campaign Landing Page

    Creating a unique offer is the key to driving a campaign - in order to do this we create marketing "funnels" in order to drive our intended outcome. For San Juan Kayak the intended outcome was direct booking inquiries for guided tours, both half day and multi-day.

    We created the following assets in order to move our targeted leads throughout the funnel:

    Outline Of Campaign
    Custom Landing Page Offer
    1 Facebook Campaign with 8 Ads
    Retargeted Ads For Website Traffic

    Through retargeting we were able to retarget even the most detailed event taken on their site.

  • Delivery

    Creating the Facebook Campaign

    The driving delivery method for the campaign was Facebook. After setting up all the retargeting events on both the website and landing page - we began sending the ads to a specific audience who we believed would be most likely to either book right away or be someone who would book in the future.

    Over the course of the campaign we were able to generate over 900 landing page hits and a roughly 36% conversion rate.

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